Concerts in Metaverse are Popping Up!

March 21, 2022

Let us start with the age-old, and yet appropriate sarcasm of “you have lived under a rock” if this is the first time you heard the word ‘Metaverse.’ Since we have successfully arrived at a time where the digital space is not just a mere extension or reflection of our ‘real’ life but is rather a parallel and apparently equally real spectrum of life. 

You must have heard the absurd-at-first-but-honestly-why-not news about people buying and selling land on the Metaverse or some really open-minded couple getting married there. (way to get away from paying the jazz player and uniformed caterers). However long the folks take to warp their heads around it, the truth is, Metaverse is happening!

THE METAVERSE ERA OF CONCERTS – Feat. Travis Scott & Justin Bieber 

Concerts in Metaverse, however, seem to be the latest fad. Not only is it the next big building block in the Metaverse, but it is also the next step in the evolution of the virtual music industry. Even though we have seen a plethora of artists conducting their business and holding virtual shows on the internet, they were largely answerable to human limitations. 

In the Metaverse, the leather jacket can instantly turn into a peacock-feathered tutu skirt. This is not a commentary or what-to-expect manual on Metaverse fashion, but the range of possibilities open to the virtual concerts. 

But concerts in Metaverse were proven publicly and unquestionably possible with Travis Scott’s concert in the Fortune Videogame space. Over 2 million people in their avatars showed up for the concert.

The show was reportedly spectacular, with Travis’ avatar roofing over the audience in the size of a skyscraper and interacting so directly with the audience that it quickly stopped being just virtual reality and became as real as could be. 

There was something very futuristic about Travis Scott’s concert in Metaverse, primarily due to the element of mobility. He moved around the space, occupying his entire space on the Metaverse forcing people to snap out of the idea that these concerts are merely experimentation of a futuristic concept. 

Is Metaverse Here To Stay?

It is already here

That’s right, we are no longer in anticipation even though we are at the initial phases of metaverse’s evolution. Travis Scott is not the only famous singer to have pioneered in the direction of the Metaverse concert. In collaborations with Waves technology, Justin Bieber also ventured into the array of concerts in Metaverse in preparation for his 2022 concert.  

Much like the concert put up by Scott, Bieber’s show was also around the idea of the audience interacting directly with him. He changed his locations from a stage in the middle of an island to rooftops of luxury cars in city roads, firing sparks from the rub of a hand and much more. 

These concerts stood out. They proved that we could expect a lot more of these in the future. These Metaverse concerts did not just aim to replicate real-life concerts. They aimed and managed to outdo it. They did what one could perhaps have not done at a real concert. It was something that tried to take the form of a physical concert. It was its own unique technological marvel. This has made the Metaverse concerts a product of its own, rather than a mere compensation of the ‘real’ concerts. 

More Of Metaverse Concerts On The Way – 

The display of art in the Metaverse is not just a platform shift of the existing art forms. It is the evolution of it. Much like Marshall McLuhan said, ‘The medium is the message.’, a platform facilitating these virtual concerts, has been a lot in discussion lately. Ceek is to become among the pioneers that let people explore the virtual world of art and music. Their VR headset is only a click away from their website, opening you to a plethora of virtual reality content is at your exposure. Ceek is the next in line to bring forth the digital delight of Metaverse concerts. 

If art had an era of theatre and screens, it is the era for art to evolve into the Metaverse. We have taken the first few bold and musical steps into the world of Metaverse concerts. There’s a lot more to come!

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