Community Manager: Earn Crypto With Your People Skills

2021 has been a massive year for cryptocurrencies. Apart from the exponential gains, the asset has also seen mass adoption. Crypto has thus become a booming industry, which has resulted in a significant amount of investment capital. Such an expanding sector also creates a number of exciting job opportunities. In this article, we discuss in detail the one specific job that has been on the rise in crypto: community management. So, let’s dive into what skills you may need to become a good community manager.    

Key Skills to Becoming a Community Manager

The essential qualities of a good community manager can be broken down into the below parts.

Project Knowledge 

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. You need to be fully aware of the project that you want to become a community manager of. Learning about its nuances and taking notes of what sets it apart from the competition are a few must-do things for you.  

Delving into the technology of the project is also important because blockchain-based platforms can be quite complex and only if you stay on top of how the project is being developed, you will be able to answer queries of the community members. 

Community Support and Feedback

Understanding the tech is only one part of the equation. Managing a crypto community also comes with a constant stream of questions from the users. This is important, the attractiveness of a project improves with how well a community manager is able to provide proper feedback.

Users who are already invested in the project will also have support-related issues. You will need to create an effective line of communication between developers and end-users to resolve such problems.

Building Reputation and Brand Value

The end goal of all of the above tactics is to grow the project. As a community manager, your goal is to build a good reputation for the project. Building the brand helps bring in attention and investment and presenting the project as reliable and building trust is key to a community manager’s job.  

Another way to build a rep in the crypto industry is by meme value. The crypto people love memes and we’ve seen meme coins and NFT projects use this as a tactic to build a community. Sappy Seals is a fun community that spreads memes across crypto Twitter every day.

Managing Discord 

One place where crypto communities are flocking to these days is Discord. The platform that provides chat, video, voice, and multiple other features is a great place to form communities. Unsurprisingly, crypto communities have found good use for the various functionalities that the application provides. On discord, you can directly interact with developers and other users. 

As a community manager, you should be able to design and maintain a well-curated Discord server. This means a variety of functions from moderation to managing updates and providing the right type of discussion channels are all your job.   

As a community manager, you can also use Discord to create a clear line of communication. This can be both between users as well as between the developers and the community. Arranging regular voice chat sessions and regular live streams can also help keep the community engagement. 

Go check out the Lazy Lions, who always have an active and growing Discord community.

Manaing Telegram as a Community Manager

Telegram prioritizes circulating the newsfeed. From a community manager’s point of view, it is primarily a platform to keep the community informed. Telegram can also help build close-knit communities as the chat can build a hive mind of its own. The community manager in this case needs to be a good moderator of the content on the telegram group. Even maintaining multiple groups is an effective way of keeping different information feeds open to users. 

Maintaining channels is also an effective way of diversifying the content on telegram. Making sure the users stay informed about the update in a project is an essential part of the job. 

Getting the Job as a Community Manager

The best way to get in as a community manager for a project is to go straight to the developers. If you are on the Discord server, it helps to discuss your interest with the Mods. It is also possible to approach a crypto project directly and present your case for community management. 

Once you have done this discussion, it’s time to negotiate the pay. The standard practice is for the developers to pay you in their native tokens. Payment in NFTs is also an option. Negotiating a pay scale is important here, so you must discuss with the project team about how you prefer to get paid. This has to be based on the type of work and the number of tasks you will be handling as a community manager.  

Take It One Step at a Time

Community management is essentially about resource management. How well you can learn to make use of tools like Discord, Telegram, Medium, or Twitter to manage content is at the core of the job of a community manager. And after your first project, it’s essential to take the skills you learned and improve them. Replicating the models and work processes learned in one project to aid another is a good way forward. 

And before we leave you, at Airdrop Alert we wish you a Happy New Year!

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