2 months ago 0 1088
Kraken is one of the oldest and most popular crypto exchanges based in San Francisco. In 2011, current ...
7 months ago 0 1216
A Bitfinex IEO, really? After recent speculation that Bitfinex is missing $850 million in Tether, there are now ...
7 months ago 0 1367
The suspicion that cryptocurrency exchanges manipulate trading activities is not new. As the overall cryptocurrency market is not ...
9 months ago 0 923
A lot is happening with Coinbase lately. They recently paid a $30,000 bug bounty and released the Bitcoin ...
9 months ago 0 1299
Coinmama data breach affects 450,000 users from the Israeli Crypto exchange. In recent events like the Cryptopia hack ...
9 months ago 0 1696
Binance  launches a testnet version of its new decentralized exchange, the Binance Dex on 20 February. According to CEO ...
9 months ago 0 1956
Looking to earn more crypto than just collecting airdrops? Good news, Coinbase bug bounty has given $30,000 reward for ...
9 months ago 0 1792
P2PB2B exchange is currently a top 20 exchange in volume per 24 hours and has partnered with AirdropAlert to promote airdrops on ...
10 months ago 0 1595
With the situation playing out around a Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) exchange, QuadrigaCX, AirdropAlert keeps on reporting about mysteries in the ...
10 months ago 0 1286
Somebody has stolen more than $16 million worth of Ether and various ERC-20 tokens in the security breach ...
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