Interview with Alex Fazel of Swissborg

As you have probably noticed, we’ve been working closely with the Swissborg team on the airdrop campaign for their community app. Our team has...
2 min read

Will Thailand become a blockchain hub?

The Thailand government has been open to discuss regulating blockchain and cryptocurrency with several businesses. Will they fully regulate crypto? What companies are regulated...
1 min read

Securitize’s Jorge Serna: “Having an STO airdrop means to…

What is Securitize? It is a tech solution / platform / protocol / engine connecting investors and projects that raise funds on the basis of...
Iuliia Sukhomlinova
4 min read

Patrick Campos on the future of security tokens

When a whale like is conducting a $125-mln-worth airdrop to verify their users’ identities or a project based on the concept of security...
Iuliia Sukhomlinova
5 min read