Bubblegum Kids: The Sweet And Sticky NFTs Are Here

January 14, 2022


While the world waits for Bitcoin to reach $100k, the NFT craze swept the blockchain cryptocurrency domain in 2021, with the NFT market size reaching a stupendous $41 billion. The NFT sales figure is almost equal to the traditional fine art market in 2020 which was valued at $50 billion. These statistical data suggest that NFT collectibles with their digital neo art style are putting stiff competition to legacy art.  Spearheading the NFT collectibles brouhaha is the PFP NFT niche.  

NFT enthusiasts are increasingly jumping into the PFP NFT bandwagon as these NFTs are fast becoming a virtual status symbol. Additionally, their unique artistic design and access to a vibrant NFT community make these PFP NFTs extremely attractive to people. The latest PFP NFT project that is creating ripples in the crypto domain is the Bubblegum Kids NFTs. 

Bubblegum Kids: The Chewy NFTs Of Crypto Land

Bubblegum Kids are a set of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFT collectibles with a random assortment of character traits. Each of these colorful and vibrant young kids comes with a different hairstyle, eyes, bubble gum color, clothing, and accessories. The incredibly talented digital artist, KingODawg has designed these NFTs that reside on the Ethereum blockchain. 

At the time of writing, Bubblegum Kids has a floor price of 0.18 ETH with almost 3.5K owners. Some of these NFTs are selling for as much as $16K on secondary marketplaces. But why should you get Bubblegum Kids for yourself? The answer is simple: 24*7 access to Bubblegum Land. Every Bubblegum Kids NFT holder will become an integral part of the Bubblegum family with exclusive community benefits. 

One of the most exciting community benefits is getting free access to the Bubblegum Puppies NFT collection.

Bubblegum Puppies: Adorable Gum-Chewing Puppy NFTs

Bubblegum Puppies are a collection of 6.8K programmatically generated NFTs which form a part of the Bubblegum Land universe. All existing Bubblegum Kids NFT holders can mint these Puppies for free between 7th to 14th January 2022. As of 9th January, the project developers tweeted that the community has already claimed 70% of Bubblegum Puppies. The remaining unclaimed Puppies will be available in a public sale between 14th to 16th January 2022.  

Bubblegum Puppies NFT holders will have exclusive access to the custom-built Puppy Park on Sandbox and will be eligible for merchandise drops. These unique Puppies will also give voting rights to their holders. At the time of writing, Bubblegum Puppies have a floor price of 0.097 ETH with 1.8K owners. 

The Exciting Bubblegum Community

Together with the Bubblegum Kids and Bubblegum Puppies, the Bubblegum universe makes up for a vibrant NFT community. They have a rich and engaging Twitter community with 14.1K followers. Simultaneously, they have a very active Discord server with more than 39K members. The project developers constantly interact with the Bubblegum community through these social media channels. 

BubbleGum Kids

Quite interestingly, the Lazy Lions and Sappy Seals NFT holders love these Bubblegum Kids. So much so that the community often tweets to promote collaborative projects and crossovers. For example, Bubblegum Kids gave away bubblegum chewing Lazy Lion, a signature Bubblegum Kids trademark, in September 2021. So, keep a close watch on Bubblegum Kids’ social media handles. Who knows, you might get an exclusive NFT as well that might be worth millions!     

The Bubblegum Roadmap Looks Delicious

The Bubblegum Kids NFT project is just getting started, and they have a series of events planned for the near future. They have even come up with a lively technicolor Roadmap which you can view here. Following are some of the highlights:

  1. To set up a Community Wallet for collecting and redistributing platform rewards.
  2. The community will decide upon and announce the Charity Components for the project.
  3. The developers will procure virtual land in the metaverse for the usage of the Bubblegum Kids community.  
  4. Conduct merchandise drops for the existing NFT holders.
  5. Establish the Bubblegum Labs for experimentation and further development of the project. 
  6. Airdrop tokens and NFTs for the community.
  7. Launch the Bubblegum Kids NFT comic. 

Thus, once you become a part of the Bubblegum Kids community, the future will be sweet, chewy, and busy. The project developers have already posted some sneak peeks into their exclusive merchandise drops. Moreover, plans are on to come up with an in-platform governance token so that NFT holders can participate in DAOs. Once the Bubblegum community has its own token, it will become truly decentralized as the community can vote for protocol changes.     

To conclude, the Bubblegum Kids project looks exciting with a lot of promise for NFTs in general and PFP NFTs in particular. It will be interesting to see how they make their mark in the crypto space. For more such crypto news and updates, keep following Airdrop Alert. 

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