Blockshow Singapore – Recap of Airdrop Alert

And we’re back! After long networking days at the Blockshow in Singapore, we can finally get back to work and do what we do best; promoting airdrops. I’m still processing all the inspiring cryptocurrency talks I had with the energetic entrepreneurs that attend these types of blockchain events.

The Blockshow was part of the FinTech Festival week in Singapore, which is one of the largest FinTech events in the world. Entrepreneurs, investors and freelancers from around the globe come to get the latest updates on the industry. And of course, Blockchain technology is claiming its rightful spot in this field.

We just had to come and see with our own eyes what all the fuss is about!

After a long flight, with a night overlay in Bangkok, we arrived tired and jetlagged in Singapore. There was no time to settle in because OKEx invited us to a networking party at the waterboat house.

On a terrace with an amazing view of Marina Bay, we had the opportunity to meet our partners from OKEx and had a chat about airdrop strategies for the exchange.

After a few drinks, it was time to get some rest because we had some long days ahead.

The Blockshow Singapore 2019

The two-day event of Blockshow was hosted in the iconic building of Marina Bay. If you look up the #hashtag Singapore, you’ll find most images are from this architectural highlight of the city and the gardens surrounding it.

It felt humbling to be part of such an event at this location.

Arriving at the floor, you’ll be overwhelmed by the setting. There are booths with exciting new start-ups in the scene, who pitch their new idea and are looking for partners, investments and feedback for their new projects. NEO had an entire section with their most prominent start-ups, which included our friends from Novem Gold.

But also, industry leaders like Cointelegraph, e-Toro and have a booth and are very open to having a chat about the crypto industry.

What makes your entry on the floor overwhelming are the thousands of people walking around. Networking at the booths and with each other. You feel the energy of business-minded people who want to meet as many possible parties in the blockchain space to see how they can help one another.

We set up a meeting with our new partners Changelly. It’s always great to meet in person with partners and look them in the eye. That’s one of the downfalls of working in this industry, most business is handled online. But to be able to built a relationship you have to meet once in a while.

We had the chance to chat with other fast-rising companies like LAtoken, CoolbitX, FreeWallet, 0xgames, InboundJunction, DappRadar & CoinsTelegram . We always like to find out what are the new industry trends and the general consensus on the market. But also we like to hear what they think about airdrops.

At one point, we were having drinks on top of the Marina Bay at the Ce La Vi bar and the bill was paid effortlessly with crypto, in this case, Bitcoin Cash. It was fast, with a normal Point of Sale and it literally took a few seconds. Several other cryptocurrencies were accepted, and this technology was provided by Alchemy. Keep an eye on them in the future, because this is a company who will help mass adoption by making crypto payments easy.

Industry opinion on Airdrops

Back in 2017 and 2018 the majority of industry leaders I spoke to at events were excited about crypto airdrops. Today people are more skeptical about giveaway campaigns like airdrops & bounties. It’s a polarizing topic, where they either love it or hate it.

I believe they aren’t fully aware of the metrics these marketing campaigns bring and how to protect their investors during the airdrop campaigns. Whatever the opinion is, our vision is that airdrops are here to stay!

We even met a few of our community members, who’ve been loyal followers of our content since 2017 and are now starting their own cryptocurrency endeavors. If that doesn’t show that crypto curious airdrop hunters evolve into crypto experts, I don’t know what will.

Whenever we were not talking to cryptopreneurs, we’d watch talks of industry leaders like Da Hongfei from NEO, or Binance CEO, Mr. Zhao. Always nice to re-energize yourself by listening to thought leaders in crypto.

All in all, it was an inspiring event!

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What’s next for Airdrop Alert in Asia?

If you’d like to meet the Airdrop Alert team in Asia, we’ll be heading the NextBlock in Bangkok in early December. We’re looking forward to this one, as the previous NextBlock events we attended were a huge success.

If you do not have tickets yet, you can use the discount code “AirdropAlert20” for 20% off.

See you there!

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