Another Bittorrent trading competition on Gate

Earlier we have alerted you of several trading competitions and updates on Bittorrent airdrop & ICO. Over the weekend we noticed several new exchange listings, but none of them had an additional promo to go with it. Did Justin lose his swag?

He didn’t!

This morning we noticed a new Bittorrent trading competition, this time on

Bittorrent trading competition by

Begin to Trade and Deposit BTT on and win 30 million BTT rewards.

Activity Time:
2019/02/25 04:00 (UTC) – 2019/03/07 04:00 (UTC) (10 days)

1. Deposit Competition—- win 10 million BTT reward

TOP 100 BTT net deposit accounts will share 10 million BTT reward. Net deposit = deposit – withdrawal (excluding transfers between accounts)

The share ratio of BTT:
1) The first prize:2.5 million BTT
2) The second prize:1.5 million BTT
3) The third prize:1 million BTT
4) The remaining 97 traders will share 5 million BTT based on their BTT deposit volume.

2. Trading Competition– win 20 million BTT reward

1) TOP 100 BTT trading volume accounts will share 20 million BTT. Trading volume calculated by the formula: (buy amount + sell amount) x (time factor).tradings between the same account are excluded. (time factor) decays linearly from 1.5 to 1.0 during the competition.
2) Because the trading fee of different VIP levels is different, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be eliminated by multiplying (actual trading fee/ trading fee of VIP-10) to eliminate the difference.
3) Because the referral rewards bring different trading costs, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be normalized according to if there is a recommendation to eliminate the cost difference.

The share ratio of BTT:
1) The first prize:5 million BTT
2) The second prize:3 million BTT
3) The third prize:2 million BTT
4) The remaining 97 traders will share 10 million BTT based on their BTT trading volume.

Please note:

1. BTT rewards will be awarded within 7 working days after the competition. And you can check it on My Billing Details page “Wallets – My Billing Details” .
2. reserve the right of final interpretation for this competition
3. Trading competition is limited to spot trading and spot margin trading only.

Airdrop Alert

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After trading competitions on Binance, Huobi & OKex, we are excited to see that the marketing campaign continues. What else does Justin Sun have in store for us?  Could he be negotiating deals with exchanges in the western world like Coinbase or Kraken? Or are we nearing the end of the hype cycle surrounding Bittorrent?

Whatever his next move is, we will be waiting. And of course, we will alert you of any opportunity to earn some BTT’s!


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