Bitcoin ABC Airdrop is coming soon!

August 22, 2018


In November 2018, there will be a hardfork in the chain of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) resulting in Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin Cash has been forked before from the Bitcoin blockchain last year. The modifications that BCH implemented was a block-size increase of 32MB as well as a ”Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA)”. The next Bitcoin Cash hard fork is otherwise known ias Bitcoin ABC Airdrop.

The next hard-fork will result in the creation of Bitcoin ABC, where the ABC is an acryonym for Adjustable Blocksize Cap. The developers have announced that the hard-fork will take place on November 15th.

The problems that the developers of Bitcoin ABC want to tackle is to resolve the risks involved in maintaining the network as the mining of BCH is affected by BTC mining. Another problem that is addressed is the relative long time it takes to find the next block.

To resolve these problems, BCH developers have thus decided to implement this hard-fork. The difficulty algorithm will be updated during this fork.


Getting the new Cryptocurrencies

As usual, as long as you hold the private keys to your cryptocurrencies, you will automatically receive the newly emerged cryptocurrencies as a result of the hard-fork. This means that if you keep your BCH on a crypto exchange, it is very likely you won’t receive the new cryptocurrencies due to the hard fork.

To quote Andreas Antonopoulos, “Not your Keys, not your Bitcoin

To benefit from the hard-fork, keep in mind to keep your BCH in a wallet where you own the keys of. Read more tips on how to safely store your cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned to AirdropAlert’s sources for more information about hard-forks and Crypto Airdrops!

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