Biggest Telegram channel in Crypto – 100k Members!

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Newsletter Week 12

It seems like yesterday that we started the website There was no other informational source about airdrops. No social media, no airdrop websites and airdrops were scarce. We thought it would be a cool idea to collect information about airdrops and help other people find the opportunity to get free crypto coins. Fast forward today, we have listed over 1000 airdrops within 10 months.

At the start in June 2017 it was difficult to find airdrops. We had to search them in unusual places like discord and blog post in foreign languages. Which led us to the idea, to have a more accessible social channel for people to find free airdrops.

In October 2017 we started our first social media account on Twitter. To supply a different opportunity than solely our website to find airdrops. Within 7 months we hit the milestone of 100k followers on Twitter.

We noticed our Twitter became popular quickly, so we started other social channels like Telegram. Within 6 months we hit the same milestone of 100k members of our Telegram channel. This happened in the same week as our Twitter milestone!



We would like to thank all the people who visited our website and social channels over the past year. Without the users airdrops would not be the same. The users have given us the opportunity to collaborate with ICO’s for exclusive airdrops. Thank you for sticking with us during this year. We hope to bring you more quality airdrops. Never miss a free crypto airdrop again!

To stay tuned with updates on Airdrops, follow us on AirdropAlert FacebookAirdropAlert TwitterAirdropAlert Telegram.

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  1. It’s good Congratulations AirdropAlert_com team with participants continues to be shared. Have a nice day

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