Best Crypto Community Managers

Ever since big social media platforms banned marketing related to ICOs and cryptocurrencies, the crypto community realized that it has to find other ways to promote its projects. One of them is community outreach. That means engaging crypto communities in various chat apps, social media channels, and online forums. And who are people who do this? Allow me to introduce you to crypto community managers.


Community manager – a power behind the crypto project

You’ve probably already heard that a community manager is essential to the success of any crypto project. And that is true. In other words, a healthy and active crypto community is a power behind the crypto project. And crypto community managers are people who work on the empowerment and growth strategy of a community.

Here are some of the tasks they can do for your project:

  • Creating engaging posts about your project
  • Participating in discussion and answering questions
  • Monitoring and reporting on feedback
  • Building relationships with potential investors and customers

And the list can go on and on.

You should keep in mind that crypto community management is 24/7 job that requires constant attention and presence. For this reason, you should consider hiring a community management agency. In order to help you with that, we picked three community management agencies. So let’s dive in and find out more about them.

AmaZix – engage and grow your audience

AmaZix can help you to bolster your community presence by spreading the word across all main industry channels. Further, their main focus is establishing trust and authority among potential TGE / STO investors.

amazix community manager

Mazee – community management in DNA

The Mazee team understands the value that communities can bring to a blockchain project. Moreover, they’re one of the rare marketing agencies offering airdrop management services. Also, according to their website, they advised over 30 Blockchain projects on building a solid community strategy, bringing them “$500M+ in funding, expanding their market footprint, building partnerships and increasing their user base.“

mazee community manager

Upholder – where strategy meets results

Upholder points out that creating a strong and active community with people passionate about your project is key to success. And to help you with that the company is offering creating and managing communities on platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and Bitcointalk.

upholder community manager


When it comes to picking the best community manager or agency for your project, don’t just hire anyone. Undoubtedly, the community is one of the best long-term assets you can build.

At Airdrop Alert, we have built numerous communities for crypto projects. If you need help with that, contact us to discuss the best solution for you.

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