BandZ Network: A P2P Bandwidth Economy

An innovative and Global Bandwidth Extranet Exchange Powered by Blockchain


BandZ is a spin on the word bandwidth; bandwidth is the capacity of data transfer of information electronically on an interlinked communications system. BandZ Network is an Innovative and global extranet thatwhich underpins the supply of its services, i,e, which includes exchanging bandwidth peer-to-peer, withvia its bandwidth-currency (BandZ) as the medium of exchange. We’ve created a dedicated token-based economicys in whichwhere the networkBandZ Tokens will allow users to trade bandwidth freely.

Incorporated in Estonia but dreamt and developed by a best-in-class team made of Blockchain Artisans, Academic Researchers, Software Engineers and Businessmen from Canada, Ukraine, Israel, China and South Korea, BandZ Network will help millions of users to reach a literacy-based control when it comes to their own commodity: their bandwidth.



BandZ is the token we’ve created and, it will be used to fund bringing the BandZ Network fully to market from its prototype stage. Once launched the BandZ Network Community will be able to sell their excesswaste bandwidth purchases, to other community members who need them. BandZ isbeing linked to the price of a Gigabyte, but at less than one tenth10 the average pricetimes less than its available from ourwhat we pay withthe Telcos current contracts!

Within the BandZ Network Community Tokens will be carefully released with a schedule intrinsically linked to the traded capacity of bandwidth on its grid to ensure a solid sustainable growth of BandZ across the globe. Most of the BandZs will be rolled out over a five year period, and can be traded freely.

BandZs are not minable cryptos but are linked to the demand for their utility; bandwidth at a tenth of the traditional cost!

BandZs are not for speculation, but are the corpuscles flowing together with the information plasma of the electronic veins and arteries of The Global Bandwidth Extranet Exchange, BandZ Network!




Intranets and Extranets

Intranets are private networks accessible only to the members of said networks. Intranets serve an organization’s digital communications needs. They also provide a secure space for storing, accessing and developing electronic materials.

Extranets are intranets that allow access to authorized sets of external users as determined by the members of that intranet, without granting full access to the intranet itself.

Their major use in the business world is to facilitate cooperation between different companies on joint projects, initiatives and information sharing. They also allow companies to connect with customers in a more controlled setting than the Internet. Extranets also allow multiple companies to access network services provided by another company, such as a data-processing application developed and maintained by one company that other companies utilize on their own intranets.

We at BandZ Networks will release the power of highly secure and reliable Extranets peer-to-peer, via hybrid architectures. Among these new powers comes a fixed and mobile network coverage system to “mesh” smart devices together and form highly reliable network cells.  All this at a fraction of the cost of the centralized network technologies deployed today.

This is of tremendous value to our BandZ Network Community but even more so to areas of the less developed world, critically in need of the internet to improve learning and growth potentials. We at BandZ Network are on a mission to improve user’s experience with technology!


BandZ Network, a smart solution

There are great synergies within BandZ Network extranet technical architecture. By using bandwidth as the medium of exchange and a blockchain to secure the connections and transactions resultant from these exchanges, many new benefits have evolved:

  1. Digital resources literally become currency and assets: your bandwidth and IP address
  2. Access is itself a means of payment: by being peered to another network member you are transferring or receiving bandwidth
  3. VPN functionality is built into the user experience: the price of the service is incredibly cheap and there is no need to register or learn the intricacies of the technology
  4. Mesh-networks destroy the concept of geographic limitations: in an environment of peers who all run the BandZ Network APP. This is special – all the peers will create internet access for each other even in locations with little-to-zero landline infrastructure.

BandZ is Evolved

On a final note, one of the hallmark blockchain problems prevalent since the beginning of Bitcoin has been that, even though the consensus and transaction validity of blockchains are amazing, many of the physical assets and commodities which blockchains will be used to represent do not actually live within the machines and computations that define them. Hardware cracks, such as lies and coercion, still compromise physical assets and commodities.

Bandwidth and IP addresses exist within your software and hardware! They can be rigorously metered and optimally utilized without falling prey to the abuse of tangibility manipulations.

This is why the blockchain is that non-central but integral piece of BandZ Network – producing a new “mesh” extranet that users can trust more completely than its alternatives.

To learn more about design concepts, roadmap, outlook and ICO for decentralized telecommunications please feel free to visit our website at or to contact us directly via our Telegram channel or via email: and let’s BandZ together!


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