Bandz Exclusive Airdrop, beginner’s guide for your crypto airdrop

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BandZ (BNZ) Exclusive Airdrop by

This is a step to step guide to inform our readers about the BandZ (BNZ) Exclusive Airdrop and how to apply for it. Registering for this airdrop involves joining BandZ’s Telegram Group and following their Twitter profile. Participate in this relatively easy Airdrop for your 120 BandZ tokens.


The BandZ Network, established in mid 2017 with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, is a business focused on decentralizing the internet. BandZ is a secure, global extra net. Blockchain architecture is utilized to decentralize access and control of the services that will be available to BandZ users (VPN, rotating proxy, secured communications, mesh networks, and more).

BandZ will offer novice users the ability to access all sorts of enterprise-grade internet services at a low cost. BandZ will enable peers to provide these services to each other in return for the BandZ token.


Exclusive Airdrop BandZ:

Go to form to claim your BNZ tokens!

For the Exclusive Airdrop BandZ, you will need the following:

  • Twitter username
  • Telegram username
  • ETH Address

Go to the Airdrop form, fill in your information and make sure to perform the social media tasks.


The video also shows where to obtain the usernames, it is important that these are correct. If you need further help with figuring out the usernames, have a look at our detailed blog on how to obtain the usernames 

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