Valentino Trogrlic Serial entrepreneur and crypto trader since 2015. Founder of here to share my knowledge about day trading cryptocurrencies. Favorite cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH & Polymath - Favorite Airdrop: Nexo


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Last week of the year, market sentiment is changing.

The bulls are back! Well, at least they are back for the past two days. When traders noticed that all, or at least most...
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SignalAlert – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019!

Heading towards the new year we can conclude that the Cryptocurrency market didn’t bring any positive changes in price. We have seen a huge...
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SignalAlert Market Update first week of December 2018!

SignalAlert reviews the 2018 bear market and forecasts upcoming year 2019 On Monday 3 December the market started to sink. Bitcoin fell by 6%...
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Crypto Market Update Bears took over!

As for this weeks crypto market update we have bad news for all our crypto bulls. After a week or two of altcoin bulls...
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Start crypto trading with SignalAlert

Today we introduce you to SignalAlert; they focus on multiple disciplines of crypto trading. They organize these disciplines into two frames. The first one...
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Crypto trading with technical analysis There is a significant difference between investing in crypto and crypto trading. There are some key factors which are deciding the value of...
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