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Where Can I Invest in IEOs?

Although the first IEOs appeared in 2017, this method of fundraising only started to attract attention at the beginning of 2019. You’ve probably already...
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Stratis Wallets: Ins and Outs

In one of our previous blog posts we talked about Stratis: its beginning, coin, services, and the difference between Ethereum and Stratis. Now is...
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5 Ways Airdrops Can Improve your Cryptocurrency SEO

It’s been thirty years since the launch of the first search engine, and today, every business is trying to optimize its website for them....
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How Much Time Does it Take to Collect Airdrops?

So, you’ve heard about the airdrops, the new buzzword in the crypto community, and you have decided to try it out. After doing some...
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Stellars Plans for 2019

Stellar is an open-source, decentralized protocol that enables cross-border transactions from digital to fiat currency. According to its website, “the mission of the Stellar...
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Investing in ICOs in 2019: Can You Still Make Money?

2019 started slowly for ICOs. According to the data collected by Icobench, 47 ICOs were launched during the first week of the January. Their...
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Are Airdrops Scams? The Bad and The Ugly

In 2017, the average number of monthly airdrops was 2. You’ll probably agree that’s not much. However, with time, airdrops found their way to...
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Stratis: a Beginner-Friendly Guide

Stratis was founded in 2016, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. In June 2016, the company launched one of the first successful ICOs, raising...
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BitTorrent: from P2P file sharing to IEO

How it all started It all started with P2P networking. After the fall of Napster, the P2P movement needed a new hero. And in...
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Why Everyone Is Moving to IEO’s

2017 was the year of ICOs. It was a breakout year, in which startups raised as much as $6,18 billion. 2018 was even better....
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