Morten Christensen

  The Netherlands Blockchain entrepreneur since 2013 and founder of "Crypto has changed my life and I'm here to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you." Favorite cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Stellar & Litecoin Favorite Airdrops: OmiseGo, BlitzPredict & AELF


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AirdropAlert 1 Year Anniversary

AirdropAlert has reached its 1 year milestone, we are honoured to be a significant part in the crypto community to deliver all her followers...
1 2 min read

Stellar wallet setup to take part in airdrops

Airdrop Alert brings you this beginner’s guide on how to set up a Stellar wallet. But is it an important wallet in comparison to...
6 2 min read

What is a Phase Airdrop?

The well informed reader is probably aware that there are different types of Airdrops. In the second half of 2017, most common form of...
43 1 min read