Morten Christensen

  The Netherlands Blockchain entrepreneur since 2013 and founder of "Crypto has changed my life and I'm here to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you." Favorite cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Stellar & Litecoin Favorite Airdrops: OmiseGo, BlitzPredict & AELF


54 Stories by Morten Christensen

P2PB2B exchange – Set up an account and start trading!

P2PB2B exchange is currently a top 20 exchange in volume per 24 hours and has partnered with AirdropAlert to promote airdrops on their platform. Now how do you...
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World Blockchain Summit makes its historic debut in to enter Malaysia this year

  The global blockchain series is opening its calendar year of events with a grand entry into the Malaysian blockchain market. The Kuala Lumpur...
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Proof of Community: do’s and don’t’s

The word «community» is used a lot in the blockchain industry. Why is it important to create a community of supporters? And more importantly,...
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Airdrops? My wallet is still empty

You’ve completed all these forms, done the work on socials, joined a few airdrops and, yet, not received a single token in your wallet… What...
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SignalAlert price prediction and results.

After celebrating Bitcoin 10th anniversary the coin is looking to stabilize. We are currently following a 2-month consolidation channel where the average price is...
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The new face of for your airdrops

A little walk down the airdrop memory lane… Since 2013, I have been explaining cryptocurrency to people and advising them to buy and hold...
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One KYC for all airdrops

Is it possible to KYC once to receive multiple airdrops? Now it is! KYC with and you’re white labelled for all our future...
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Kucoin vote – September 2018

KuCoin’s Second Vote is now live: Vote and join the $40.000 SQR giveaway for the Kucoin vote. The voting ends on Sep 30, 18:00...
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New AirdropAlert dashboard release!

Dear Airdrop lovers, In our One year anniversary blog , July 27th, we announced our upcoming dashboard for the first time. Our team has...
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How to earn money with referral airdrops

Did you know there are airdrops that are open long term and where you can earn tokens by referring friends? Referral airdrops is one...
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