Morten Christensen

  The Netherlands Blockchain entrepreneur since 2013 and founder of "Crypto has changed my life and I'm here to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you." Favorite cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Stellar & Litecoin Favorite Airdrops: OmiseGo, BlitzPredict & AELF


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Another Bittorrent trading competition on Gate

Earlier we have alerted you of several trading competitions and updates on Bittorrent airdrop & ICO. Over the weekend we noticed several new exchange listings,...
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BTT Airdrop Binance update – It never stops!

As predicted, the hype around BTT airdrop and ICO continues! After several promotions with exchanges and trading competitions, like Huobi & OKex, it’s now...
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Bittorrent Airdrop update – New OKEx giveaway

As predicted in our previous blog on Bittorrent Huobi promotion. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, has more tricks up his sleeve for promotion of...
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FOMO? Get your price updates on CoinCodex!

Are you a person who wants to check the price of Bitcoin 10 times a day? Do you FOMO much… CoinCodex is one of the...
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Elon Musk on Bitcoin: “It’s quite brilliant”

I have to admit, personally I’m a big fan of Elon Musk. His company did an airdrop in 1998! That was over 20 years...
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Kucoin platform upgrade 2.0 – What’s new?

Kucoin platform upgrade is complete! They celebrate it with some free trading pairs, including the Bittorrent Airdrop which was recently added on Kucoin. The Hong...
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Bittorrent trading competition on Huobi

Bittorrent is working it! After they announced a monthly airdrop until 2025, we see multiple marketing campaigns surrounding the Bittorrent token. After the first...
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Coinbase shift card cancelled

A lot is happening with Coinbase lately. They recently paid a $30,000 bug bounty and released the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision coins from the Bitcoin...
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Price bumps 25% after Bittorrent airdrop

After the Bittorrent public sale sold out in minutes, Justin Sun caused quite a hype when announcing the Bittorrent airdrop. The crypto giveaways will...
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Nasdaq adds Bitcoin and Ethereum

At Airdrop Alert we don’t only look for airdrops and bounties. We also provide you with important updates from the blockchain industry. After Tinder...
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