Morten Christensen

  The Netherlands Blockchain entrepreneur since 2013 and founder of "Crypto has changed my life and I'm here to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you." Favorite cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Stellar & Litecoin Favorite Airdrops: OmiseGo, BlitzPredict & AELF


63 Stories by Morten Christensen

5 Problems with Airdrops (and pro tips against them)

The crypto airdrop industry is still very young and we can see there are still several problems with Airdrops and Bounties today. As the...
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The very first crypto airdrop in blockchain history

Airdrop Alert is the world’s first website for airdrops, but airdrops existed prior to our start. What happened to the first crypto airdrop in...
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Fake Telegram channels, how did you get in them?

You open your Telegram App and find yourself in a suspicious group or channel. You don’t remember joining this channel, so how did you...
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Samsung Airdrops on S10 – is it real?

As previous reported by Airdrop Alert, Samsung is making a move into blockchain with their new S10 model. They are starting to support the...
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Airdrops and Bounties – The key differences

There are two types of crypto giveaways that you might have heard of “Airdrops and Bounties”. What makes them different? Where can you earn...
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Difference between AirDrop by Apple and Crypto Airdrops

If you google the term “airdrop” you most likely find the popular app by Apple. But if you are looking for crypto airdrops, you...
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Steve Wozniak (Co-founder Apple) on Bitcoin

After Elon Musk expressed his opinion on Bitcoin, we now see Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) voice his opinion on the most popular cryptocurrency....
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Fintech week in Tel aviv

As usual Airdrop Alert is looking to meet partners and expand our relationships. The best way we go about it is by attending events...
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Samsung is moving into blockchain – Time for an airdrop?

After Facebook, Nasdaq and ABN Amro announced their plans to explore blockchain technology, we now see another big traditional company making a move. Some...
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Tron hard fork is coming! Will you get free coins?

A lot is going on at Tron lately. They acquired Bittorrent and started the BTT marketing campaign, including the BitTorrent Airdrop and numerous trading...
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