Attention Folks: CEEK Is Back With Another Airdrop!

CEEK is leading the movement to diversify blockchain and cryptocurrency’s use cases, merging DeFi with mainstream entertainment. In its bid to develop and grow further, CEEK airdropped tokens in 2018 besides conducting its ICO. They are back again with yet another airdrop. But before we go into the details, let us first briefly tell you what CEEK is all about.   

What is CEEK?

CEEK is a DeFi platform that helps artists, musicians, sports personalities, and content creators to monetize their content. Through this platform, they can directly interact with their followers and develop their own fan economy. Additionally, CEEK provides a virtual space through its patented VR Headset for streaming virtual events. Thus, audiences from any corner of the world can attend live virtual concerts, talk shows, award ceremonies, sports meets, etc.   

The viewers can buy tickets and entry passes with their CEEK tokens which are immutably recorded on the blockchain. They can also hold rare collectibles and exclusive membership rights to their favorite stars on CEEK NFT Marketplace. This real-time blockchain-based payment structure makes royalties and ticket sales fast, verifiable, and thus transparent. The CEEK token holders can also use their BEP20 tokens to participate in contests and get governance rights. 

Why CEEK Migrated From Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain?

CEEK has had quite a momentous journey, starting off with Ethereum back in the days of the 2017-18 ICO boom. Although it was performing well, the skyrocketing transaction fees and network congestion became a source of worry. CEEK was looking forward to reaching the pinnacle of the crypto industry but scalability became an issue with Ethereum.  

It was then decided that to minimize costs, it was necessary to migrate to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All the formerly ERC20 CEEK tokens were eventually converted to BEP20 tokens. At the time of migration, it took around $31.38 for an ERC20 token transfer. On the other hand, for BSC it was $0.01 or even lower.    

A lot of thought went into the final decision to migrate to BSC. But it was done because staying back on Ethereum was detrimental for both content creators and consumers. On one hand, the absurd transaction fees were eating into the artist’s profit margin. On the other hand, users had to pay more for purchasing anything on the platform. 

CEEK’s Airdrops: A Brief History

Now that you have a good understanding of CEEK’s background and the overall journey, it’s time to focus on airdrops. As we mentioned in the introduction, CEEK conducted its first airdrop three years back in 2018. It was done in collaboration with Airdrop Alert and where they airdropped 225,000 tokens. The first 50,000 participants who completed certain tasks were eligible for the airdrop.  

CEEK surprised us all when they announced another airdrop last week, which got over 30,000 participants in just a few days.

And since yesterday, they opened up a new round.

The Latest Airdrop From CEEK: It’s LIVE! 

This time around its a Raffle. With prizes like a VR headset, 4D Headphones and 100,000 $CEEK tokens. It’s an easy to join campaign, which will only take you a few seconds, and who knows you might be lucky!

  1. Start the CEEK Airdrop Raffle Telegram Bot.
  2. Follow @CEEK on Twitter. (Mandatory) 
  3. Like and Quote retweet this Tweet & Comment: “I would love to see (@tag 1 artist) on CEEK, wouldn’t you (@tag 1 friend)”. (Mandatory) 
  4. Provide your email address for the CEEK newsletter. (Mandatory) 
  5. Refer friends to increase chances of winning. Every referred friend will give you an extra ticket for the Raffle. A confirmed account is the one that completed all the mandatory steps of the Airdrop.

Jump Into The Airdrop Bandwagon: Earn Free Cryptos

Airdrops are a great way to get introduced into the cryptocurrency sector. Even before you start investing, you can get free cryptos by following certain simple steps. CEEK is using blockchain technology to open new horizons to the ‘future of entertainment.’ It is exploring new directions in earning revenues for a diverse range of content creators. Now is the ideal time to get on board this crypto movement.

Airdrop Alert will always be the first to bring you the latest news and updates from the crypto-verse. Keep following us and never miss a chance to earn some free cryptos!   

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