Asia Roadshow 2019 – Airdrop Alert meetups

November 5, 2019

To my fellow cryptocurrency & airdrops enthusiast,

Are you from Asia by any chance? If you’re not, then you’re in the minority of our visitors. Nearly 65% of our users are from EuroAsia and that’s why we’re planning a roadshow in Asia for the end of 2019.

We’ll be attending events like the Fintech Festival in Singapore and the Guru Awards in Bangkok. On top of that we’ll also join meetups across Asia and meet our partners located in the far east.

If anyone has a connection with Changpeng Zhao the CEO of Binance, let us know ?. We’d love to set up a face to face.

Blockshow Singapore

The Fintech festival in Singapore is one of the largest tech events in the world. The participants are key executives and decision-makers from global financial institutions and corporations, innovators and technologists from FinTech start-ups, as well as unicorns, investors, and academia. And this year, Airdrop Alert will also be present!

During the festival, we’ll be looking forward to the Blockshow, powered by CoinTelegraph and focussed on blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Some of the speakers are high up our list of crypto celebrities we’d like to meet, including Charlie Shrem, Da Hongfei (NEO), and Xinxi Wang (LTC).

Of course, we’ll also be checking in with our current partners like, OKEx & Changelly.

Busy schedule right? No worries, if you’re headed to the Blockshow and want to meet for a nice cold one, connect with me on LinkedIn and we’ll make sure to find a spot to talk.

Don’t have tickets yet? You can purchase them here within a few minutes.

Next block – Guru Awards

The Next block events are one of our favorites in the cryptocurrency industry. We previously attended the Sofia event in 2018 and it was filled with great companies in the blockchain ecosystem.

And their afterparties are memorable! This is also the part of our Asia roadshow I’m looking forward to! The Bangkok afterparty that is coming early December 2019 will be epic!

This time, on December 3rd, the discussions will be focused on affiliate marketing, gaming projects, and CFDs in the era of blockchain and crypto.

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 offers unique networking opportunities for Asia and is a great platform for generating new business. We’ll meet advertisers, marketers and affiliate networks, as well as investors, brokers, blockchain and crypto experts, CFD, Forex and Tech companies, PSPs and Gaming Operators and other best minds from the crypto and affiliate spaces.

Quite a bit right? There is more though…

The legendary Asia Fashion TV Party featuring 20+ stunning models, best DJ and supernova entertainment program will become a final allure accord co-organized by Fashion TV. The party will be kicked off by a Gala GURUS AWARDS Ceremony.

If the networking opportunity wasn’t enough for you to consider this event, the models will! Let’s connect while drinking and dancing (with or without the models).

If you don’t have tickets for this event yet, you can purchase some below. Use Promotion code: “AirdropAlert20” to receive 20% off!

Shoot me a DM on LinkedIn to make sure we meet on our Asia roadshow in Bangkok!

What else is on our Asia Roadshow 2019?

If you have any ideas for meetups or blockchain events, please reach out to us. We’re open to any ideas from our partners and community.

We have plans to touch base in Vietnam, where we have thousands of loyal visitors, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, and Seoul.

Let’s make this Asia roadshow a huge success! 

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