Interview with Alex Fazel of Swissborg

As you have probably noticed, we’ve been working closely with the Swissborg team on the airdrop campaign for their community app. Our team has been competitively using the app to predict the price of Bitcoin, and to be honest my personal results have not been the best. On the contrary, our best team member is currently ranked #23 and is on her way to get a fair share of the big price pool of half a million usd.

Today we talked with Alex Fazel, Head Of Communications at SwissBorg and keynote speaker at Tedx.

Airdrop Alert interview

Airdrop Alert interview

Q1) 51 mln raised in ICO seems like an impressive amount of money. What kind of marketing campaign attracted such a pot of gold?

A: Crafting a story with strong principles and values and not just focusing on pitching all the time. A YouTube video with a strong message that went viral. And perhaps the most important, “globalized”strategies teamed with influencers and clear execution plans in Switzerland, the EU and Asia.

Stories with principles are more important than pitching all the time

Q2) What have you been up to since the ICO finished ?

A: Our very first dream was to democratize wealth management so we built a referendum DApp where we could give a voice to our community and truly say that we are now “community-driven”. Simultaneously, we focused on building the best teams possible with great passion and drive so that hand in hand, we to would create the new era of wealth management.

Q3) An app for an app — you’ve developed the Community app to basically create the pre-launch queue for the Wealth app. Where did you find the inspiration for such a savvy marketing campaign?

A: We realized that it’s always important to “try before you buy” to make sure the product or platform is the best fit for you. Rather than building buzz around marketing only, we really wanted to solve the biggest obstacles in the crypto space:

  1.  educate the new community members
  2. give them a chance to earn Bitcoin without the fear of losing their money.
Alex Fazel interview

Alex Fazel

Q4) The Wealth app seems like a very cool place to start investing in crypto in bulk. Based upon which signals, tools and strategy will your experts build thematic indexes? Which thematic indexes will you have?

A: A crypto wealth management platform entirely built with and for the community has always been the foundation of our passion. Giving universal access to financial intelligence allowing anyone to finally “Control your wealth”. Offering the tools and technology to make crypto investments simple and easy, crypto indices with best execution on multiple exchanges and automated re-balancing for all investors to have the best experience possible.

Q5) Why have you decided to offer up to half a million USD in BTC?

A: The ideal way of getting people interested in Bitcoin would be the usual educate first and reward later route. Instead, we believe that reverse-engineering this process could be a more effective way of getting people to join the community since they can easily get rewarded first and continue to learn.

Educate first and reward later

Q6) Any predicting tips for our users?

A: Understanding trading volume, moving averages, technical indicators, support and resistance levels are all important factors when making financial decisions and that’s why we give access to market sentiment, technical analysis and our prediction algorithms through the app so that everyone has tools to help you make your own financial decisions and ultimately control your wealth

Join the fun, and start predicting the BTC price

swissborg airdrop

Want to see for yourself what we discussed in this interview with Alex?

Join the airdrop now, predict the price of BTC and earn your shared of the $ 500k prize pool!

Or download the app directly here.


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