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November 8, 2018

A little walk down the airdrop memory lane…

Since 2013, I have been explaining cryptocurrency to people and advising them to buy and hold Bitcoin for at least 5 years now. I found myself in technological and ideological discussions, which I did not want to get involved in. The people I spoke with could not get past the risks and were blinded for the potential rewards. Yet, when I found out about the concept of a crypto airdrop, it helped me introduce crypto to friends and colleagues in a much easier way.  And today I am proud to say that this discovery turned out to be greater than I’ve ever anticipated!


Morten Christensen, Founder & CEO at AirdropAlert

Back in time, taking part in all those conversations, I started going like this, “Just make a wallet, sign up for an airdrop, and you’ll get crypto for free! Easy enough, right?”

The following question would be, though, “Well, where do I find these so-called airdrops?”

Since I had no clear reply to that (other than, “Check the Bitcoin forums!”), the idea for the first airdrop aggregator was born!


The old and trustworthy face of

Basically, this is how we’ve made our quick and easy platform to look for airdrops. A one pager, so to speak, which loaded all your airdrops in one go. With this one pager, you could click through them airdrops fast and easy! 

What happened then?.. Airdrops became too popular!

We did not anticipate such a fast influx of airdrops, and that resulted in a problem. While we were working hard on the airdrop dashboard, we noticed that the site began to slow down…

“Now, what?” we asked ourselves. “Should we finish the dashboard or should we start improving the home page?”

So we decided to keep on going with the dashboard, since we had a solid team of developers working on it, and it already cost us quite a penny! Once we delivered the first version of the dashboard, we moved the part of our team to work on the new home page – and, guess, what? It’s been there since yesterday!

Check out the new looks of our home page and tell us what you think in the comments down below!

We are very excited about it, and we hope, you like it too!

So, what is new?

We have a clearer overview of airdrops on the home page, and the overview pages like New Airdrops.


  1. If you are logged in, you can up- and downvote the airdrops straight from the overview pages.
  2. Share your favourite airdrops with friends with just 2 clicks!
  3. Comment on each airdrop and engage in a conversation with us or your fellow airdrop hunters.
  4. And, of course, watch a video explanation of the airdrop you are about to claim…

The page load of our home page and separate pages is 6 times faster than before, which made our developers very happy…

Spoiler alert! 

There are some other minor changes on the site, which we would like you to detect yourself. But we already want to give you a few spoilers of what is coming NEXT!

At AirdropAlert we are always looking ahead. End users and the projects we list are our priority. So the real present question for us now is this.

How can we improve our platform in a way that will help crypto projects to bring the best out of an airdrop?

We firmly believe KYC is the next big step that will introduce cryptocurrency to the masses! We have a few plans up our sleeves, which will require KYC. A small hint: “Airdrop Exchange”!

Still don’t have a clue, do you? No worries, you will find out everything soon enough!

In the meanwhile, start completing KYC once, and be verified for all our products and exclusive airdrops we host!

Final thoughts

Thank you for being a loyal visitor and reader of our website. We started as a very humble team and because of you, we grew into a business! We will keep working to improve the platform. With each new airdrop, we hope to bring a few new people into the cryptocurrency world!

In the meanwhile, make sure to check every time you want to take part in a safe airdrop!



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