AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 47

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  • Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe is live
  • ThinkCoin Exclusive Airdrop distribution is coming, keep an eye out on your E-Mail
  • Not receiving Airdrops? We analysed our database for you!


Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe


Checkmark~ 20 BTSC Tokens ($4.00 USD) for joining the Airdrop

Checkmark~ 5 BTSC Tokens ($1.00 USD) for each Referral

CheckmarkThe Airdrop cap is 5,000

CheckmarkMore information available in the F.A.Q.

Banner BitSafeClaim your BitSafe Airdrop


Top Airdrops


Nexxo Airdrop


Nexxo (NEXXO) 

Claim Airdrop  |  4205 MTEL ~ $3,50


Dsion Airdrop


Dsion (DSN)

Claim Airdrop  | 100 DSN ~ $5


OVCode Airdrop


OVCode (OVC) 

Claim Airdrop  |  3 OVC ~ $9


OmniCoin Airdrop


OmniCoin (OMC) 

Claim Airdrop  |  5,000 XOM ~ $15


Berminal Airdrop


Berminal Round 4 (BERM) 

Claim Airdrop  | 100 BERM ~ $5


Bounty of the Week

OnniCoin free cryptocurrency

Bounty Campaign by OmniBazaar. Make use of the OmniBazaar Marketplace and earn Tokens!

Bounty Task 1: Using the OmniBazaar Marketplace

Rewards & Rules

check-mark 5,000 OmniCoins for each Service or Product listed
check-mark Reward applies to the first 500 new listings
check-mark Listings must be in English

Bounty Task 2: Referring users to the OmniBazaar app

Rewards & Rules

check-mark 2,500 OmniCoins per referral
check-mark There is no referral limit
check-mark After the first 10,000 referrals, the reward drops to 1,250 OmniCoins

Check out the OmniBazaar Bounty


Featured Stories

airdropalert free cryptocurrency

Not receiving an Airdrop even when you applied for it can have many reasons. This blog covers possible reasons and provides insights.

The solution is introduced as well in how missing out on Airdrops can be avoided.

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free cryptocurrency

The crypto market of this week gave us all bad news. Our partners SignalAlert expected a crash on alt-coins, with less signals as a result.

SignalAlert also predicted a second leg down for the Bitcoin price as you can see in their free Telegram.

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airdropalert free cryptocurrency

A $125 million USD Airdrops? What is the idea behind such a bold move?

This blog explains why some companies are prepared to distribute such large amounts for little to no obligations!

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free cryptocurrency

Who invented the Smart Contract? This piece of technology has been invented more than 20 years ago.

Smart contracts behave pretty much the way a vending machine does.

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 48

  Highlights New Exclusive Airdrop BetKing is live Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe is on-going Highly rewarding Top Airdrops of the Week   Exclusive Airdrop BetKing...
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