AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 46

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  • New Exclusive live: BitSafe Airdrop
  • Signal Alert weekly results
  • One KYC for all Airdrops
  • Will STO replace the ICO we know today?


Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe

Banner BitSafe



Checkmark~ 20 BTSC Tokens ($4.00 USD) for joining the Airdrop

Checkmark~ 5 BTSC Tokens ($1.00 USD) for each Referral

CheckmarkThe Airdrop cap is 5,000

CheckmarkMore information available in the F.A.Q.


Join the BitSafe Airdrop

Top Airdrops


OmniCoin Airdrop

OmniCoin (OMC)

Claim Airdrop  |  5,000 XOM ~ $15


Medoctor Airdrop

Medoctor (MTEL)

Claim Airdrop  | 18 MTEL ~ $18


Mind AI Airdrop

Mind AI (OMAI)

Claim Airdrop  |  700 OMAI ~ $7


Unification Airdrop

Unification (UND)

Claim Airdrop  |  200 UND ~ $10


Bancryp Airdrop

Bancryp Round 2 (XBANC) 

Claim Airdrop  | 20 XBANC ~ $5


Bounty of the Week

Bounty Campaigns

The APZ tokens from Rockz is backed by the Swiss Franc. ROCKZ addresses the issue where often cryptocurrencies can be traded for other cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency. By introducing a token backed by the Swiss Franc, ROCKZ brings the cryptocurrency closer to the monetary system we know today.

Rockz Bounty Campaign

Participate in the Rockz Bounty and earn APZ tokens!

Featured Stories

One KYC for All Airdrops

KYC will play a vital role with upcoming regulations and mass adoption. This is why AirdropAlert partnered with one of the bests KYC company, Civic. What is Civic KYC about and why is it important?

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Banner STO vs ICO

ICOs find a blockchain application to disrupt the industry. Ironically, now there is a new concept to disrupt ICO. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not like ICO very much. How will STO be different?

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EtherDelta Charged

Signal Alert is specialized in Technical Analysis and sends out signals for potential profits to be made by you trading crypto.  Their Telegram Group is free to join, results of the last week are covered in this article.

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Banner New Face AirdropAlert

Those who have been around for a while are familiar with popular crypto words. This Article is about 10 popular crypto slang. Was HODL a typo or does it mean Hold On for Dear Life?

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banner Signal Alert





AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 48

  Highlights New Exclusive Airdrop BetKing is live Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe is on-going Highly rewarding Top Airdrops of the Week   Exclusive Airdrop BetKing...
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