AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 45

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  • New Website Released AirdropAlert
  • $125 Million USD Stellar Airdrop Announced.
  • Is not doing a KYC actually a risk?
  • Private key and Public key actually exists for 40 years


Top Airdrops

Stellar Airdrop

Stellar (XLM) 

Claim Airdrop  |  Weekly XLM giveaway


Aerum Airdrop

Aerum (XRM)

Claim Airdrop  |  Min. 300 XRM ~ $18


Octopus Network Airdrop

Octopus Network (OCNET) 

Claim Airdrop  |  100 OCNET


Ludos Airdrop

Ludos by DDEX (LUD) 

Claim Airdrop  |  15 LUD


Clear Foundation Airdrop

ClearFoundation (CLEAR)

Claim Airdrop  | 2000 CLEAR ~ $26



Bounty of the Week

Bounty Campaigns

Well rated ICO project, Lucre Token is a start-up with 8 years experience in trading algorithm. By owning LCR tokens, you will be entitled their premium membership with which you can generate revenue by combining several options. You can participate in the token sale to get LCR tokens, or you can participate in their bounty campaign to get your own LCR tokens without paying money for it.

Participate in the Lucre Bounty and earn LCR tokens!  Go to Bounty 

Lucre Bounty Campaign


Featured Stories

Bob and AliceCryptocurrencies use cryptography to achieve consensus. However, cryptography and the concept of private key and public key exists for 40 years actually.
What is the original idea of these keys and who are Bob and Alice?

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The Active Airdrop hunter has done several KYCs. Why do ICOs make KYC necessary? Will all Airdrops require KYC in the future?
Would Exchanges go as far to delist tokens from ICOs where you did not do KYC?

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EtherDelta Charged

EtherDelta has been charged by the SEC for operating as an unregistered national securities exchange.  How could EtherDelta have prevented this dilemma? How can you be prepared?

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Banner New Face AirdropAlert

The journey of AirdropAlert and its milestone of a new design, read this interesting story the birth of AirdropAlert and where it is headed.  What are the new updates?

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 48

  Highlights New Exclusive Airdrop BetKing is live Exclusive Airdrop BitSafe is on-going Highly rewarding Top Airdrops of the Week   Exclusive Airdrop BetKing...
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