AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 44

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  • Top Airdrops & Bounty of the Week
  • This newsletter displays a preview of the new face of our site, which we will release in November.
  • We established a key partnership with Civic, to prepare for upcoming regulations.
  • Bitcoin turned 10 years old!


Top Airdrops

Miracle Tele Round 2 (TELE)

Claim Airdrop  |  90 TELE ~ $13,33



Rewards Round 2 (RWRD) 

Claim Airdrop  |  57 RWRD ~ $11,40



Aerum (XRM) 

Claim Airdrop  |  Min. 300 XRM ~ $18



SureRemit (RMT)

Claim Airdrop  |  500 RMT ~ $5



Rubiix Round 2 (RBX)

Claim Airdrop  |  27 RBX ~ $10,26




Since we introduced Signal Alert to you they have made 14 calls based on Technical Analysis. These are the results:

  • 3x hit stoploss
  • 11x hit sell target
  • Average profit on 14 trades = 10.56%<
  • Total profit 148%

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Bounty of the Week

Bounty Campaigns

Aerum has organized various Bounties so far. Each bounty campaign is in a different bitcointalk topic. Find the campaign you like and check out the corresponding bitocintalk topic.

Participate in the Aerum Bounty and earn XRM tokens!

AirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop

Go to Bounty



AirdorpAlert gained a partnership with Civic. Civic is a company specialized in the KYC process. To be compliant with regulations, many ICOs start to request you to do a KYC for their Airdrop.

Get your AirdropAlert KYC Verified:

KYC once and be eligible for all Exclusive Airdrops
Your profile will show whether it is KYC approved

Complete the AirdropAlert KYC once and remain eligible for all Exclusive Airdrops.


Bitcoin 10 Years!

Banner Blockchain

Bitcoin turned 10 years, how did it come into existence and who are the cypherpunks? Read the Bitcoin story in our blog and if you liked the story, give it a few claps!




Banner Dusk Network

Dusk Network Secures Free Listing on Bitfinex and Ethfinex

Dusk Network is the first project to be sold on Ethfinex its newly released token sale platform. This is your only chance to buy DUSK tokens besides the Strategic Private Sale.

Dont miss your chance and claim your spot!

Secure your spot!





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