AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 42

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Newsletter Week 12


Week 42

Hi Airdrop enthusiast! We know the crypto & Airdrop market is not at it’s best at the moment. Keep the faith and join projects that spark your interest. We keep moving forward in the crypto space and are getting deeper involved with crypto related projects.
Also some fun updates on the dashboard will be released today, read more:


Airdrops of the Week

  1. Platin (PTNX) – $20 Airdrop in 100 PTNX tokens, KYC required
  2. Beaxy (BXY) – Get 50 BXY Tokens for applying! KYC is required
  3. Idap (IDAP) – Round 2, receive 1 IDAP per question you ask (no limit) | TG
  4. STOX (STX) – 100 STX for applying, ~$9 Airdrop | TG
  5. GAMO (GAMO) – Various tasks for 75 GAMO Tokens and 15 per referral | TG FB TW




Bitcion ATM

Bitcoin ATM being set-up in the office, great to see advancement of cryptocurrency!

With this ATM, it is possible to withdraw & deposit fiat money (Euro) by
transacting with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

This ATM belongs to Green Viking, a Dutch company active in setting up ATMs all over.



Bounty of the Week


AirdropAlert Free Crypto AirdropAirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop


Scandals in the food industry have been hot news these past years. TEMCO has identified that the exact origin of the problem can not be pinned down. Using the blockchain, transparancy is achieved in this supply chain. Backed by Korea Investment Partners and TLDR capital, TEMCO is running a bounty campaign. Help spread the word by participating in the TEMCO Bounty and earn TEMCO tokens!

AirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop





Want to get into day-trading? Learn more about the ins & outs of Technical Analysis for crypto day trading.


Do you still keep your Ripple coins on an exchange? It is safer to keep them in a cold wallet. Now there are various wallet out there and we have picked the one we use ourselves and wrote the Toast Wallet guide!


The AirdropAlert dashboard got upgrades with exciting new features! You can now engage with discussions below each Airdrop by leaving comments. It is also possible to upvote/downvote Airdrops. And the support ticket system has also been improved. We will continue to release updates, stay tuned for next week’s Newsletter!





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