AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 40

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Newsletter Week 12

Week 40

This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 40. This week we have two Exclusive Airdrops lined up for you, in addition the regular Top 5 Airdrops and a rewarding Bounty of the week. This week’s announcements include the highly anticipated Alpha release of AirdropAlert Dashboard!


– Exclusive Airdrop

 100 VIRT Tokens (~$ 3) for applying

 There is no referral system

 Distribution early Dec 2018

 Airdrop cap is 5,000



– Exclusive Airdrop

 4.8 GTX Tokens (~$6) for applying

 0.8 GTX Token (~$1) for each referral

 Distribution mid Dec 2018

 Airdrop cap is 10,000



Airdrops of the Week

  1. Aerum (XRM) – Round 4, claim stakes for XRM tokens | TG
  2. Berminal (BERM) – 2nd Round, 200 BERM Tokens (~$10), app required
  3. Truwho (WHO) – Apply for 85 WHO Tokens (~$17) | TG
  4. Axonomoy (AXON) – 60 AXON tokens (~$42) for applying, KYC required | TG TW
  5. Sola (SOL) Install Sola App to receive 30 SOL tokens


Bounty of the Week

AirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop

Go to Bounty

Well rated ICO and voted by many, Bitozz builds unprecedented facilitation of crypto derivative market. As such, traders will have new, advanced instruments, i.e. bracket order, cover order and trailing stop loss for spot markets. By applying for Bitozz Bounty campaign, not only will you earn BoZZ tokens, but holding them you will earn passive revenue. In addition, 10% of Bitozz Exchange profit is distributed as loyalty rewards between the token holders. Requirement? Hold the tokens longer than 30 days. Additional 10% of the profit is used to buy back the BoZZ tokens from exchanges and are consequently burned. Therefore Bitozz has earned this week’s position as Bounty of the week.




We released a Dashboard to make your life as an airdrop hunter much easier.
Read more about the new features of our Airdrop Dashboard, which is currently in Alpha testing.

There are more airdrops than ever, but we are posting fewer. Why is that?
We recently scaled our team of researchers to find you Safe Crypto Airdrops!


Taklimakan Exclusive Airdrop Tokens have been distributed, 100 TKLN has been rewarded, check out the Etherscan Taklimakan Distrbution!




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