AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 39

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Week 39

This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 39. Top airdrops of the week, featured ICO, Bounty of the week and announcements are provided. Never miss a free crypto airdrop!


Airdrops of the Week

  1. DigitalBits (XDB) – 500 XDB for 3 tasks of your choice!
  2. Qlear Protocol (QLEAR) – Various tasks for 200 QLEAR Tokens, ~ $10
  3. Hydro (HOT) – Daily pool of HOT tokens, referral available
  4. IOST (IOST) – Daily Airdrop of 10k IOST tokens, apply to earn points!
  5. Bright (BRT) Earn stakes by performing various tasks



Quixxi Connect

Some ICO’s choose to reward their community significantly compared to other ICO’s. Quixxi is one of them, up to $1 Million USD in QXE tokens are allocated to Airdrop campaigns. As the distribution is potentially valuable, a KYC is required. Visit the Airdrop page by clicking the link below and make sure not to miss out on your QXE tokens.

Quixxi Connect Airdrop

Everyone involved with Crypto knows about the Mt Gox event, how does Quixxi solve this problem? Read about it in the Quixxi ICO review article!


Bounty of the Week


AirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop

Go to Bounty


AirdropAlert Free Crypto AirdropAirdropAlert Free Crypto Airdrop

Alpha-X, a well rated blockchain startup project is organizing a Bounty campaign on BitcoinTalk. Participating in the bounty campaign involves promoting the project in a social platform of your preference. There are various platforms you can choose from, where you are rewarded in AX tokens (1 AX ~ $0,05 USD) Bounty campaign will last until November 22nd.





Crypto Airdorps have been and will remain popular, new Airdrop methods are being proposed. One of them is Smartdrop based Airdrops. What makes a smartdrop smart? Read all about it in the blog.




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