AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 37

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11


Week 37

Welcome to AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 37, where we invite you to round 2 of ProjectDressCode Airdrop, Airdrops of the Week with some pretty good rewards, Featured, Bounty of the Week & Announcements.


– Airdrop

 40 DRESS (~$4) for applying

 Airdrop – Round 2

 Distribution after Token sale, Oct 2018

 Few thousand spots left!



Airdrops of the Week

  1. Pure Diamond Coin (PDC) – 100 PDC valued $21 USD | FB TG TW
  2. Quixxi (QXE) – $1M USD Airdrop cap, announced this week but starts Sept 24th
  3. STOX (STX) – 100 STX for registering on the platform
  4. Aora (AORA) – 30 AORA tokens for applying, referral system available | FB TG TW
  5. Coinbates (BATES) 250 BATES, fill in airdrop form, 100 BATES per referral



Veridium Community

Humanity is facing a massive and urgent environmental challenge. Veridium founders, Todd Lemons and Jim Procanik, have been preserving precious rainforests and unique biomes for over 10 years. Now, they are calling upon crypto enthusiasts like you to join ongoing discussions around real-world solutions. They believe through blockchain technology that we can work together to move towards an environmentally responsible economy.


You are invited to join their mission-driven community and share in the future of Veridium. With $5M USD in private sale funding already acquired from BlockTower Capital, BKCM, and more, Veridium is positioned to have one of the biggest ICOs of 2018. Pre-sale
will begin October 1st. Learn more about Veridium now.


Bounty of the Week

Go to Bounty


1 billion LYQD Tokens allocated to Bounties, valued $2.4M USD



Proof of Contribution is a concept within the Blockchain technology with a reward mechanism for end-users while the governing function is decentralized. BuzzShow has created such platform and to increase awareness of their project, they are doing an Airdrop!

The BuzzShow Airdrop blog explains the blockchain model, as well as the necessary steps for applying for the airdrop.

Ai Zeus Exclusive Airdrop was a tremendous sucess, read more about the ICO in our Ai Zeus Airdrop article here.




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