AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 36

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11

Week 36

Welcome to AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 36. This week Exclusive Airdrop Ai Zeus started with a $55 in AZS Tokens as reward. Furthermore we have the Airdrops of the Week, Bounty of the week and Announcements.

Exclusive Airdrop – Ai Zeus

 1000 AZS (~$ 55) for applying

 Optional: 100 AZS (~$ 5,50) for each referral

 Distribution after Token Sale early Dec 2018

 5,000 Spots left!



Airdrops of the Week

  1. FortKnoxster (FKX) – 50 FKX tokens ($10), app required | TG
  2. CyberVein (CVT) – 24 CVT Tokens for applying, 100k CVT contest reward | TW
  3. CoTrader (COT) – 2500 COT Tokens, Telegram bot | TG
  4. Aelf (ELF) – Registration + daily tasks for ELF tokens | FB TG TW
  5. Elpis (ELP) Registration and Telegram task for ELP tokens | TG


Bounty of the Week

600k HFT Tokens allocated to Bounties (1 HFT = $0,21)

Go to Bounty




Exclusive Airdrop WeGold is finished and the WGD Token Distribution has now been completed!

The launch of the Dashboard has been delayed, we apologize for the inconvenience and work hard to launch the dashboard as soon as possible. With the Dashboard, it will be possible to login to your own Account and manage your AirdropAlert profile.

Mashable published an Article on why the Crypto Market went down so much, the reasons being mainly Goldman Sachs decision to put the crypto trading desk plans on hold and large amounts of Bitcoin being moved to exchange wallets, shaking traders. Do you agree with the reasonings? Read more in their publication.




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