AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 26

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Newsletter Week 12


Week 26

This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 26. CryptoSouk is Today’s New Exclusive Airdrop! There are also several new Airdrops for Airdrops of the Week.
We also have two interesting announcements at the end of this Newsletter.

 20 SOUK Tokens (~$10) for Applying

 Optional: 6 SOUK Tokens (~$3) per referral

 Distribution after Token Sale in October 2018

Apply Here

This is a Phase Airdrop, you can only apply once but your referral link will work for all phases

 5 IPG Tokens for Applying

 Optional: 1 IPG for each referral

 Token Distribution after Token sale of IP Gold

Apply Here

Exclusive Airdrop IP Gold is USA excluded

Airdrops of the Week

  1. Fast Invest (FIT): 500 FIT Tokens for applying | TG TW FB
  2. Lexit (LXT): 10 LXT Tokens for watching a video | TW
  3. QuizBeat (QUIZ): Earn points for QUIZ tokens, lottery additional | TG TW FB
  4. Miracle Tele (TELE): 120 TELE Tokens, Sign-up & Telegram bot | TG
  5. Sapphire Coin (SPH): 100 SPH tokens for only signing up


EOS Airdroped is getting popular and could be the next hype. EOS is designed to make it easier for developers to launch their blockchain enabled apps. EOS Airdrop works a bit different: if you hold 10 EOS you will receive 10 Airdrop token if the distribution is 1:1. You won’t have to do anything but hold EOS tokens in your EOS wallet.As EOS is popular in China, EOS Airdrops is definitely something you should not miss out on, especially the first ones! Read all about it in our blog.

Founder AirdropAlert Morten Christensen is involved in various networks within the cryptocurrency and is up to date with recent developments. Curious? Follow his Twitter profile! Twitter Founder AirdropAlert.



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