AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 23

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11

Week 23

Welcome to AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 23, where we invite you to Exclusive Airdrops, Airdrops of the Weeks and also have interesting announcements  including the distribution of CEEK Exclusive Airdrop.

 150 IND Tokens (~$15 USD) for applying

 Optional: 100 IND Tokens (~$5 USD) per referral

 Token Distribution after Token sale of IP Gold

 Cap 10,000 applications

Apply Here

Exclusive Airdrop Indie Party is for USA Registrants only!



 5 IPG Tokens for Applying

 Optional: 1 IPG for each referral

 Token Distribution after Token sale of IP Gold

Apply Here

Exclusive Airdrop IP Gold is USA excluded

Airdrops of the Week

  1. Dominium (DOM): 25 DOM (6.25 EUR) for applying, x4 bonus for companies + ref
  2. CrowdIF (CIF): 10 CIF Tokens (10 USD) for signing up & whitelist
  3. ContentBox (BOX): 10 BOX for joining Telegram,
  4. Entry (ENTRY): 5-50 ENTRY tokens for signing up & Joining telegram


This week CEEK Exclusive Airdrop’s Token Distribution will commence. Please allow up to Monday 11th of June for the distribution, thank you for your patience.

Thank you for all the KYC submissions for Shivom Exclusive Airdrop. Upcoming week the KYC’s will be verified. Shivom’s Airdrop tokens will be distributed on June 16th – June 20th. published an article on 5 Ways to earn crypto money.



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