AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 21

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11


Week 21

In this Newsletter we would like to alert everyone of AirdropAlert imposters, more information is down in the Announcement section.

 7.5 SAM (~$6 USD) Tokens for Applying

 Optional: 1.25 SAM (~$1 USD) for each referral

 Token Distribution after Token sale of Swiss Alps

 Cap 10,000 applications


Apply Here

 168 WGD (~$6 USD) Tokens for Applying

 Optional: 58 WGD (~$2 USD) for each referral

 Token Distribution  July 28th – August 11th 2018

 Cap 10,000 participants!

Apply Here

Airdrops of the Week

  1. Crowd for Angels (ANGEL): 275 ANGEL Tokens for Telegram or Twitter & signup
  2. Waves May (WAVES) : Daily Airdrop by WAVES to WAVES Holders
  3. Entry (ENTRY): 5 to 50 ENTRY for signing up and completing KYC
  4. mCoin (MCN): 500 mCoins for various tasks (~25 USD)
  5. CoinBundle (BNDL): Various tasks, bundled together: 200 BNDL Tokens


Recently there have been imposters claiming to be AirdropAlert to lure victims in to the phishing scam where a private key is asked, dubious claims are made that ETH will be rewarded for it. AirdropAlert will never ask you for your privatekey and does not have an ETH Giveaway. A couple examples of imposters are shown in our blog.


For Exclusive Airdrop Shivom a KYC is mandatory. All participants have received our KYC invitation e-mail earlier this week. If you haven’t KYC’ed yet, you can do so here:


Distribution Omix Tokens scheduled Mid-June 2018

Deadline KYC: May 31st 23:59:99 CET



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