AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 20

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11


Week 20

Welcome to the weekly newsletter, where we inform our subscribers about Exclusive Airdrops, Airdrops of the Week & important announcements.


Shivom Exclusive Airdrop’s OMIX Token distribution is currently being organized, due to compliance with legislation, a KYC will be necessary for your OMIX tokens. Next week, during week 21, the invitation to do a KYC will be sent out via e-mail. This is a one time requirement, if you passed the KYC you will remain eligible for our future limited Exclusive Airdrops.

Namahe is building transparated blockchain based logistics platform to support ethical business conduct. Claim your 9 NMH tokens, the Airdrop has just opened and via this e-mail we notify you to apply for this Airdrop. There is no referral system and the cap is set at 15,000 applications. NMH token distribution will be done by Namahe after Token sale.

Apply Here


Airdrops of the Week

  1. Elysian (ELY): High Rated ICO, Telegram Airdrop | TG
  2. Entry (ENTRY) : Sign up on website, verify e-mail & Join Telegram (KYC) | TG
  3. Olympus Labs (MOT): 10 MOT, App & KYC Required, high-rated Airdrop | TG TW
  4. Wono (WONO): 20 WONO, adding 3 friends to Telegram Group required | TG TW
  5. Aimedis (AIM): Telegram Bot & Video, extra AIM for changing Name | TG
    Advice: Change Telegram Display Name only, not your Username. It is possible to run a web based Telegram and desktop Telegram by using one phone number


AirdropAlert has been mentioned in an article by Bloomberg, have a read here

Top 8 Airdrops of the past year, Number 5 will shock you: The Peak Value of the Best Airdrops

AirdropAlert has reached 100k Telegram Members and 100k Twitter followers, a blog about the achievement has been published on our blog website.
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