AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 18

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AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 11



Week 18

Welcome to the weekly newsletter, where we inform our subscribers about Exclusive Airdrops, Airdrops of the Week & important announcements.


Phase 3 cap has been reached and Phase 4 will go live next week, go to the form to see if the Phase is live by clicking the button below. This is the final phase and once the cap of this Phase 4 is reached as well, everyone will receive the next BRD Boost Reward! More information in the form.

The BRD Boost Reward mechanism is where the airdrop quantity is increased everytime the cap of the new Airdrop Phase is reached.

To read more about the Augustus release of BRD,
read the article published by BRD

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Exclusive Airdrop Treon will be a Phase Airdrop, the first Phase’s cap has been reached and Phase 2 will start upcoming wednesday. 45 TXO tokens (~$5 USD) is rewarded for applying and 4.5 TXO tokens for each referral.

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Exclusive Airdrop Squeezer has been started in March and now the Team has decided to increase their Airdrop budget which has resulted in the acceptance of more applications. If you already have applied for this Exclusive Airdrop, you can not re-apply. Those who haven’t had the chance to do so yet, can now apply. The next two weeks the Exclusive Airdrop Squeezer will be opened daily with limited amount of spots per day. The Token sale is scheduled to end finalize end of June, the Airdrop tokens will then be distributed within 4 weeks.

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Airdrops of the Week

  1. Enkidu (ENK): 107 ENK Tokens (~$6), referral available | TG TW FB
  2. Carboneum (C8): 88 C8 Tokens worth $8.80 | TG TW FB
  3. BrickBlock (BBK): High rated ICO, variable BKK Airdrop amount
  4. STOX (STX): Sign-up for 5 STX tokens, to be used for chances of prizes


Do you have a Waves Wallet? We expect much more airdrops on Waves in the near future, read all about it here :  Be prepared for these Airdrops by having a Waves Wallet ready.


Not getting your airdrops? Updated distrubution dates for exclusive airdrops:

AirdropAlert on BNR News radio, where the concept and birth of Crypto Airdrops are talked about:
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