AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 17

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Week 17

Welcome to the weekly newsletter, where we inform our subscribers about Exclusive Airdrops, Airdrops of the Week & important announcements.

In the previous Newsletter the role of the Augustus Release of BRD was explained, for a recap read their blog!. The first phase’s cap has been reached which resulted in the increase of the BRD Reward from $10 to $12, but this is not the end. Second phase is live and when this cap is reached, the reward will be increased from $12 to $15 (20 BRD Tokens). A generous “Boost Reward” by BRD.

Airdrops of the Week

  1. Online (IOI): 250 IOI tokens worth $10 | TG TW
  2. Carboneum (C8): 88 C8 Tokens worth $8.80 | TG TW FB
  3. Indorse (IND): Up to 5 IND tokens, subcription required | TG
  4. DeepToken (DTA): 4 DTA tokens for applying, KYC | TG TW
  5. Waves (Waves): 2 WAVES, New wallet + 0.001 BTC deposit to it required


The creativity of hackers seems boundless, unfortunately MyEtherWallet is targeted again by a DNS hack. Stay safe, make your funds accessible by a cold wallet, by getting your own Hardware Wallet, which is the perfect gift to buy for your beloved ones.

AirdropAlert will attend the National Dutch radio to promote airdrops in the upcoming week!

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