AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 16

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Week 16

Welcome to the weekly newsletter, where we inform our users about Exclusive Airdrops, Airdrops of the Week & important announcements.

Quarteria is about real estate on blockchain, providing an international decentralized listing service. Here, people will be able to list residential or commercial properties for sale, lease, or for auction. Anyone in the world will be able to browse the listing service and view properties valued in real-time fiat and cryptocurrencies

Quarteria is airdropping 50 XQT tokens worth $6 for supporting on social media and extra 8.3 tokens worth $1 for each friend that you refer!

This week AirdropAlert has launched the Exclusive BRD Airdrop. What makes this Airdrop unique is that the ICO has already been successfully finialized in 2017 where $30M+ has been raised. BRD’s been in full development ever since and has launched this month the ‘Augustus’ release, a full support for Ethereum within the app. The celebration of this is the reason of the Exclusive BRD Airdrop. Want to know more about the ‘Augustus’ release? Read their blog!

The Phase 1 cap of 10,00 has been reached! This means that the Airdrop of 10 BRD tokens is now increased to 12 BRD tokens!

Phase 2 of Exclusive BRD Airdrop will start on Wednesday 25th of April, stay tuned in our social media channels to get notified when the second phase launches.

Airdrops of the Week

  1. Entry.Money (ENTRY): First 10,000 applicatins receive 50 ENTRY tokens (20 EUR)
  2. ContentBox (BOX): Up to 260 BOX tokens ($13) for applying
  3. BCharity (CHAR): $10-$25 Airdrop (stakes), Telegram, Twitter & FB Airdrop


Read what has to say about Airdrops!

On April 23rd & 24th AirdropAlert will be present at the #CRAC2018
in Prague! Purpose of the attendance is to bring you
the highest quality Exclusive Airdrops. Want to be there as well? Book your pass here.

This week AirdropAlert has listed her 1000th Airdrop! This is a significant milestone and AirdropAlert is
strongly motivated to bring you Verified & Quality Exclusive Airdrops. The milestone achievement
has been tweeted.






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