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  • Samsung to launch its own Crypto Wallet app
  • Ethereum’s Network Upgrade, Constantinople, completed!
  • Tron (TRX) beginner guide published
  • This week, ~$30 USD in Tokens from Top Airdrop Alert


Top AirdropAlert

CoinTiger Airdrop AirdropAlertSparkle (SPRKL)

6 Sparkle Tokens ~ $2 USD

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Liker World Airdrop AirdropAlert

Liker World (LK)

200 LK Tokens ~ $7,70 USD

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OOOBTC Airdrop AirdropAlert


10 OBX Tokens ~ $0,50 USD

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INFLIV Airdrop AirdropAlert


70 IFV Tokens ~ $5 USD

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WatchUGot Airdrop AirdropAlert

WatchUGot (WUG)

WUG Tokens ~ $15 USD

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Featured Stories

Ethereum Constantinople AirdropAlert

The Ethereum hard fork, Constantinople, has been completed.

This is a network upgrade, preparing the Ethereum blockchain for the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

Read more..

Samsung Keystore AirdropAlert

Pictures are published that show the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.

The App serves as a wallet to store coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Will there be a Samsung Airdrop?

Read more..

TRON BitTorrent AirdropAlert

The BitTorrent Airdrop is quite successful, but did you know BTT Tokens run on the Tron Blockchain?

How is Tron (TRX) different from the other Blockchains and what are the key features?

Read more..

ETF AirdropAlert

ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) is a fraction of a capital that numerous investors trade on an exchange.

Cryptocurrency related ETF proposals gain a lot of attention on the news, but is this a good thing?

Read more..


Bounty of the Week


Honeypod Bounty AirdropAlert

The Honeypod Bounty Campaign is managed by Ejarwan.

Honeypod is a smart hardware unit that is the size of your palm of your hand. It connects directly to your internet router with the intention of intercepting unwanted data, requests, and scripts from entering the internet connection of your device.


HoneyPod Bounty Campaigns AirdropAlert


Checkmark– Bounty Budget: $500,000.00 USD in HNY Tokens
Checkmark– 1 HNY = $0.05 USD
Checkmark– Bounty duration: Jan 30th – March 26th

Go to Honeypod Bounty





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