Airdrop news: Keep our users up to date on your project!

You have conducted an airdrop to attract new users to your project, that’s great!

Now you are communicating with them on your socials, but the engagement seems lower than you initially expected. How will you  make sure your newly acquired users are up to date on your recent developments?

Airdrop Alert has got something new for you. And it’s not only for airdrop news..

Keep our users up to date on your progress

up to date community

Whether you’re still in fundraising mode or you have a new app release. Our users love to stay up to date on projects that are doing airdrops, or they have received airdrops from in the past.

What would be news worthy? Well here are some examples:

  • Airdrop news
  • Exchange listings
  • Airdrop distribution date
  • Relevant airdrop announcements
  • Competitions
  • Bounty programs
  • Fund raising status
  • Product/platform releases

If we need to give you more idea’s on how to keep users up to date on your project then you are probably not in the right mindset to manage a large community.

How do we alert you?

airdrop updates

Easy, on our main page you find a submit updates button.

Fill in the four page form in less then three minutes and we will approve your update within one business day. Keeping our users up to date has never been this easy!

Create momentum


You’re off to the right start by doing an airdrop, but you want to build momentum to reach the high targets you have set out.

Keeping our users up to date on developments will generate more traction, users and exposure. Plus, they will get more excited about your product! That’s the end-goal, isn’t it?

If you’re struggling to build momentum with your campaign, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us now and we’ll advise you on how to turn it around.

Nurture your community

nurture community


Building your community with airdrops or bounties is a great start. But nothing in life is easy and managing communities is an extremely underestimated skill.

The timing of the airdrop and goals of the airdrop can be different, but make sure you keep your users engaged, entertained and involved. We have written a prior piece on community building to give you an idea.

If you’re building your channels with fake users, don’t bother updating our community. We know how to spot fake channels!



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