Airdrop Alert Newsletter Week 34

September 2, 2019

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Highlights Newsletter

  • Up to $28 from Top Airdrops
  • Ripple to give away one billion XRP!
  • Great Airdrops of the past month summarized
  • Dashboard Wallet Features Explained

Top 5 Airdrops

Novem Gold (NVM)

3 NVM Tokens ~ $3 USD

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All For Crypto  Crypto Airdrops

Global Currency Unit (GC)

25k GCU Tokens ~ $1500 USD

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Arena Match Crypto Airdrops

KryptoRedeem (KRT)

18 KRT Tokens ~ $10 USD

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Minglechain Crypto Airdrops

AllForCrypto (AFCT)

8 AFCT Tokens ~ $2 USD

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Lykke Crypto Airdrops


250 COD1 Tokens ~ $13 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

stable coins

Ripple’s Xpring has anounced to give away one billion XRP to support Coil.

Xpring belongs to Ripple, but what is it and why are they supporting Coil? Find out in this blog.

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fastest airdrop

Another month passes by and we have seen great airdrops come and go.

Some are still live, if you havent been up to date with Airdrops, this blog sums up what you have missed.

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Brave Browser has added new Crypto Wallets!

This means it is easier to cash out your rewards, that you get by simply browsing. More details in article!

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NEM features

AirdropAlert regularly explains the difference between the major coins.

In this blog, ARK has been chosen, that strives to make Blockchain accessible for the world.

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Bounty of the Week

adsana bounty

The Soraix Bounty Campaign is managed by Soraix Platform.

Soraix will enable companies of all sizes to raise capital via their own ETOs issued on our platform.

Adsana bounties
  • Bounty Budget: 50M SRX Tokens
  • 1 SRX = 0.00025 ETH 
  • Bounty duration: A ug 26th – Nov 11th

Go to Bounty

News Updates

north korea crypto

Apparently, some users struggle to find the tokens in their wallets. That’s why we created an airdrop wallet in your dashboard.

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KuCoin Trias

To celebrate the official listing of IOST on BitUniverse app, they are giving away 1,222,222 IOST.

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This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter 2019 Week 34.

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