Agora Exclusive Airdrop, beginner’s guide for your crypto airdrop

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Agora (VOTE) Exclusive Airdrop by

We are proud to publish our blog to inform our readers about the Exclusive Airdrop Agora (VOTE) and guide you through the process of applying for it. This Exclusive Airdrop has a referral reward included, where $8 USD in VOTE tokens is rewarded for the Airdrop and optionally $2 USD in VOTE tokens for every referral.

Before showing how to apply for the airdrop, let’s talk about Agora.

  1. Agora is a two-year old Swiss lab and foundation
  2. They’ve innovated their own proprietary blockchain technology
  3. Partnered with the distinguished Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  4. Demonstrated their technology in the 2018 Sierra Leone Presidential Election
  5. End-to-end verifiable voting solution:


Prefer a detailed summary?

Agora is a Swiss lab and foundation that has developed an end-to-end verifiable voting solution for governments and institutions. In a partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), their team of skilled cryptographers and security scientists has spent 2.5 years developing a blockchain network that provides these partners with a modern, costeffective and provably secure manner of engaging voters. Elections on Agora’s network are tamperproof and offer full transparency to the public with cryptographic proofs validating all election results. In March 2018, Agora was invited to demo its blockchain in Sierra Leone’s presidential election by its National Electoral Commission. We invite you to join our mission, which brings full transparency to elections around the world.

View Agora’s Academic White Paper here


Exclusive Airdrop Agora: Claiming your VOTE tokens!

For the Exclusive Airdrop Agora, you will need the following:

  • Telegram account
  • Twitter profile
  • Reddit profile
  • ETH Address (ERC-20 compliant wallet)

Go to the airdrop form, fulfill the tasks and enter your e-mail address, usernames and ETH address. The video below shows the complete process of applying for the airdrop.

The video shows how to obtain the Telegram and Twitter usernames, it is important that these are correct. If you need further help with figuring out the usernames, have a look at our detailed blog on how to obtain the usernames 

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