About AirdropAlert

AirdropAlert.com launched July 2017 to create awareness to the crypto community about the existence of airdrops. We believe majority of crypto fanatics are not aware of the concept of airdrops and how to claim it. We started an informational page where you can find data on when and where airdrops take place.

We started as a team of 3 to collect data on airdrops and list them. With the rapid growth of airdrops, visitors and subscribers we quickly expended to a team of 7.

Our goal is to provide information about legitimate ways to collect free cryptocurrency.

Our vision is to create a way for ICO’s to get exposure and build a community by giving free coins to individuals. We actively approach ICO’s to do airdrops and list them on AirdropAlert.com. We work to establish a trend that other ICO’s will follow to create more opportunities for individuals to collect free airdrops.

We hope you enjoy our free service to grow your portfolio.

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