5 ICO Airdrops you should not miss!

June 11, 2018


What is an airdrop?

An airdrop for a cryptocurrency is a procedure of distributing tokens by awarding them to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It can also be considered a marketing strategy, since its goal is usually to spread the word about a certain product, coin or exchange in the world of cryptocurrencies. Lately this strategy has become increasingly important due to various social networks, most notably Facebook, refusing to allow adds promoting various virtual coins. In the United States, the practice has raised questions about tax liabilities and whether they amount to income or capital gains. There are two ways creators distribute their tokens: selecting random wallets or publishing the event in airdrop lists.

There are currently 5 very interesting ICO’s that are conducting airdrops which you want to make you aware of. The airdrops are on different blockchains : NEO, Ethereum & Stellar.

FlipNpik Airdrop

The FlipNpik Ecosystem and Platform designed to offer local merchants an integrated solution that will allow them to implement communication and targeted marketing strategies, at effective and affordable prices.

In addition, the social features of the FlipNpik application and the means, put in place to encourage users of the application to play an active role in the promotion of local businesses, will ensure a faster conversion of users into active brand Ambassadors within the Ecosystem. By further involving consumers in the Ecosystem and by converting

them earlier in the cycle, as proposed in the 360° collaborative model, the Inbound Marketing approach is further optimized to allow nearby businesses to fully benefit from this collaboration.

For the airdrop you need a Stellar Wallet. Go to FlipNpik Airdrop.

Indie Party Airdrop

The Indie Party is an emerging political movement that gives the power back to the people. They’ve created an innovative political marketplace powered by the Indie Token that rewards volunteers and donors in the same way.

The Indie Token distributes power directly to the American people. It secures and activates our most precious resources – ideas, time, and money. Indie Tokens power the party and can be used as a tool to support, promote, and reward the things that you, the voter, find important.

Every single Indie Token transaction is recorded on a public ledger, built on the blockchain. The ledger is open and accessible to anyone.

This airdrop is only for US citizens.

For the airdrop you need an ERC 20 compatible Ethereum Wallet. Go to Indie Party Airdrop.


IP Gold Airdrop

IP Gold is an IP address management and investment company that maximizes the monetization and market value of IP address assets. IP addresses, specifically IPv4 addresses, e.g., have a significant value outside of connecting us to the internet or serving web pages. Online advertising, social media, content publishing, Internet security, proxy/VPN, Blockchain and more wouldn’t be possible without IP addresses.

US citizens are excluded for this airdrop.

For the airdrop you need an ERC20 compatible Ethereum Wallet. Go to IP Gold Airdrop.

Coupit Airdrop

Coupit is a decentralized incentive platform that utilizes the NEO blockchain, thereby reducing third party interaction while providing a transparent operational system. Coupit marketplace UI (User-Interface) and UE (UserExperience) are designed in a way that gives significant accessibility and incentives to both the businesses and users registered under the Coupit platform.

For the airdrop you need a NEP5 compatible NEO wallet. Go to Coupit Airdrop.

BandZ Airdrop

The BandZ Network, established in mid 2017 with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, is a business focused on decentralizing the internet. BandZ is a secure, global extra net. Blockchain architecture is utilized to decentralize access and control of the services that will be available to BandZ users (VPN, rotating proxy, secured communications, mesh networks, and more).

BandZ will offer novice users the ability to access all sorts of enterprise-grade internet services at a low cost. BandZ will enable peers to provide these services to each other in return for the BandZ token.

For the airdrop you need an ERC20 compatible Ethereum Wallet. Go to BandZ Airdrop.

What else can I do to earn crypto?

Many ICO’s have bounties to create more exposure for their project. A bounty hunter completes jobs that have a set token reward for it. Examples of bounties are; write a blog, make a video, shares on social media or translate content. These tasks require more time than collecting airdrops, however the reward is often bigger.

Best source for bounties is BountiesAlert.com


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