3 Biggest Crypto Airdrop Mistakes Ever

October 16, 2019


Did you know that one of the biggest airdrops ever was actually a mistake? Yes, don’t be surprised. After all, we’re talking about the cryptosphere.

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that in the crypto world weird things can happen. Let’s take Dogecoin as an example.

It’s a cryptocurrency that started out as a meme and it was meant to be a joke on a bunch of ICOs popping up all the time. However, Dogecoin became a successful and popular cryptocurrency with peak valuation well over $2 billion a year.

And airdrops are no exception when it comes to strange crypto happenings. In fact, some airdrops were distributed as a mistake, some companies run out of the tokens due to an airdrop, while others distributed airdrops without even going live.

If you’re not sure what exactly are airdrops, check out our guide:

So, let’s take a closer look at the biggest airdrop mistakes ever.

South Korean exchange makes an airdrop mistake worth $5 million

CoinZest is a crypto exchange based in South Korea. While preparing to hold an airdrop and distribute We Game Tokens (WGT), the exchange accidentally sent its customers around $5.3 million.

According to CoinZest, the incident happened because of a computer error. The exchange stated that they planned to roll back transactions and restore its assets. Soon after that, CoinZest asked its customers to return received funds.

U Network runs out of tokens because of an airdrop

U Network is a blockchain publishing protocol valued at around $8 million. In February, the company held a successful airdrop. However, it turned out that the airdrop was too successful.

Recently, the company announced that it’s run out of native tokens, called UUU, and it’s planning to buy back some of the supply. How?

Apparently, U Network plans to repurchase some of the tokens from current holders.

The More Gold airdrop and a ghost project

On June 11th, the Airdrop Alert team noticed a large airdrop distribution by a coin called More Gold Coin (MGC). The tokens were distributed to more than 300,000 addresses, so naturally it attracted our attention.

However, when the team decided to do some research, it couldn’t find any information about this company. It seems that it’s one of those crypto mysteries.

Final words on biggest airdrop mistakes

As you can see, it’s never boring in the airdrop world. Some companies are holding huge airdrops, while the other are making mistakes costing them millions of dollars.

In any case, Airdrop Alert is keeping an eye on airdrops. So don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated.


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