2022’s Great PFP NFTs Breaking Records And Wallets

March 22, 2022

Nobody cares about the pretty please pose in that profile picture of yours. With celebrities celebrating the frenzied non-fungible token (NFT) sphere, just an NFT profile picture (PFP) can make you relevantly woke. While great PFP NFTs such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks have a first-mover advantage, 2022 brought along intriguing projects you might want to put as your next profile picture.   

Invisible Friends

Remember ‘The Invisible Man’ story we read back in school? How we would imagine a fully clothed invisible human figure who’d cover himself from top to bottom just so nobody could see he actually did not have a top or a bottom. While the story characterized the protagonist’s invisibility as a negative consequence of his mad experiments, today it’s mad cool to be invisible! 

While not possible in reality, you can still be invisible in your profile picture with ‘Invisible Friends’. Released on February 21, 2022, the Invisible Friends encompasses a collection of 5,000 great PFP NFTs, owned by 4,139 unique users. The set of invisible characters dressed up in a diverse range of outfits quickly became the talk of the town, scoring a total volume of 33,012.07 ETH, with the present floor price standing at 6.89 ETH and the average price is 8.76 ETH.


These minion-like characters have a Gru behind to applaud for their grand success within a short time span. The PFP NFT collection, DourDarcel that was launched earlier this month is a by-product of the infamous Darcel Disappoints created by Craig Redman back in 2008. 

Darcel of Darcel Disappoints documented the highs and lows of online life in New York. From the New York Times and Vogue to Louis Vuitton and Paris fashion week, Darcel is a known name in pop culture. Following the fictional character’s existing fame, DourDarcel is a collection of 10K great PFP NFTs with 5,097 unique owners. Furthermore, the collection has chalked up a triumphant total volume of 8,385.58 ETH, with the floor price standing at 0.95 ETH and the average price being 0.52 ETH.


Intrigued by the Hippie culture but petrified of trying it for yourself? Well like Snoop Dogg would say “pass the blunt” and don’t be a cunt who doesn’t own a digital hippie aka Dippie. The PFP NFT collection Dippies is the modern-day adaptation of hippies with the same values. 

The snoop dogg supported collection encloses 8888 pieces with 5,705 unique owners and a total volume of 7,239.41 ETH. Additionally, this collection has been sold 15,934 times with the present floor price of 0.32 ETH and the average price is 0.45 ETH.


Ever wondered how these highly exclusive projects with minimal information gain so much popularity? CyberBrokers is a classic example of such exclusively available PFP NFT projects in the market. 

Apart from attracting the crypto community’s attention for being a fully on-chain collection, CyberBrokers also included the hint of exclusive inclusivity by its allow-listed sale feature. This means that you cannot pay for a whitelist spot, instead, you must earn it through specific criteria.

Created on March 04, 2022, CyberBrokers has 3,708 unique owners with a total supply of 9,987 NFTs. Additionally, the collection has scored a total volume of 19,218.75 ETH with the current floor price standing at 2.14 ETH and the average price being 2.37 ETH. 


3Landers is one of those 10K-PFP NFT projects that do not have an extensive in-depth storyline or mission but are nailing the game with a solely community-driven approach. 

Launched in February, the 10K PFP NFT project currently has 5,494 unique owners with a record-breaking total volume of 25,723.58 ETH and a current floor price of 1.79 ETH with an average price being 1.66 ETH. From Slim Shady Aka Eminem and the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon to the luxuriously edgy Paris Hilton, all fell in line with the raging NFT PFP trend. 


How back in the day people would complement your dynamic personality as “eccentric”, in the era of IG and dating apps, it’s called “quirky”. If you’re fun, you are ‘quirky’; if you’re colorfully fashionable, you are ‘quirky’; and if you stand out of the crowd, you are ‘quirky’. If ‘quirky’ is how you identify your personality then this PFP NFT may be the next best thing for your Twitter account.

In the 5K NFT project, Quirkies define themselves as your personal companion, who will represent you in the metaverse. These are created keeping in mind the several hundred traits of quirkiness and have friendly but alien-like features. The quirky collection has 2,262 unique owners with a total volume of 6,642.58 ETH. Furthermore, its floor price is currently settled at 1.189 ETH with the average price standing at 0.53 ETH.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed this list of PFPs from 2022. We will see you in the metaverse soon rocking one of these as your digital identity.

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